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Starch, Almond Kernels, Equipment, Distilled Spirits, Syrups, Ice Cream Bases, Butter, Cocoa and Derived Products, Chocolate, Preserves, Purées, Jams, Filling Cream, Pastry Decorations, Flour, Candied Fruit, Baking Paper Sheets, Cheese, Fruit in Syrup, Dried Fruit, Gelatins, Vegetable Oils, Ice Cream-Making Products, Milk, Chemical Yeast, Yeasts, Malts, Almonds, Sweet Chestnuts, Bread Improvers, Margarines, Marsala Wine and Derived Products, Hazelnuts, Oils, Olives, Frozen Fruit Pulp, Natural and Vegetable Cream, Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Pulp, Tomato Purée, Ham, Frozen Products, Salt, Baking Molds, Frozen Fruit, Ersatzes, Non-stick Cooking Sprays, Lard and Derived Products, Frozen Bakery Products, Vegetables for Appetizers, Sugary Products, Egg Products.

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Cherasco srl also has a store open to the public, where you can purchase basic equipment for bakery, pastry and ice cream-making.

Foto negozio Cherasco srl

Foto negozio Cherasco srl Foto negozio Cherasco srl

Via Agricoltura, 4 · 12022
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telephone and fax 0171 945683

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